Company Highlights

Founded on 7th of August 2006 and officially changed name to Messrs Kuek, Ong & Associates (KOA) on the 28th of August 2015 after the merger between Kuek & Associates and Ron Ong & Associates, our firm specialises in Civil Litigation, Conveyancing and Corporate fields with each of the partners spearheading the aforementioned fields leveraging on each other's strengths to provide better services to our clients.


We understand the importance of supporting and delivering diverse perspectives in order.
Social Corporate Responsibility

Social Corporate Responsibility

We provide Pro-Bono Legal Advice Services to the members of our Facebook Group at: 法律与你同⾏ Law & Justice
Team’s Initiative

Team’s Initiative

Our people are constantly updated with the latest Law reforms and knowledge as to provide our clients with accurate and latest information and top-notch services.
Banking Panels

Banking Panels

We have expanded greatly since 2016 from 2 banks to 17 banks with Full Panel and Ad-Hoc Solicitor as of 2019.
Our Professional Indemnity Insurance covers up to 18M only on a per-case basis for any possible negligence on our part.

Our Approach to Legal Practices

Ron Ong is a Certified Speaker and Trainer (by TTT & ITP) and is a winner of the 2017 Malaysia 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR.

Our Core Values

1.We Put Clients First

We approach every client with gratitude because our success (and existence) depends on them. Our approach is simple.

2.We Work Passionately

We hire people who are passionate about family law because they go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

3.We Focus On Fit

We believe that success in law is all about finding the right fit early in the process. Our initial legal consultation is mandatory.

4.We Work Smarter

We apply modern business rules and best-practices to help make the legal experience more efficient and affordable for our clients.