Graduated from University of Liverpool in 2000 with an honors degree in Law and has served as a Legal Advisor in Malayan Banking Berhad before commencing practice in 2004. It is here where Kuek found his passion and skills for Banking Disputes matters such as investigations on cases of Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) and unfair enrichment by customers. Kuek was formerly from Messrs C.K. Tan & Co and Messrs Seah Balan Ravi & Co, both reputable firm with over 40 years of practice history combined and was deeply involved in contract drafting and advising for corporate and commercial matters during his time there. Currently, his core practice areas encompasses debt recovery under conventional, retail and corporate credit facilities, syndicate loans, enforcement in hire-purchase and lease matters where he provides legal services from the stage of Letter of Demand up until Enforcement Stage such as Bankruptcy Notices. His career in the Banking sector has made him one of the favourite legal figure invited by Financial Institutions to conduct seminars and talks in relation to law on hire purchase apart from drafting hire purchase agreements for them.


Obtained his Law degree from University Kebangsaan Malaysia and commenced practice in 2013. Ron underwent his pupillage-in-chamber under the guidance of Mr Gooi Soon Seng of Messrs Gooi & Azura where he was exposed to both conveyancing and litigation profiles. Apart from being a Certified Trainer and Speaker himself, whereby he coaches in talks and seminars organized by our own Firm or as an invitee speaker, Ron has coached in front of 100 numbers up to date. Learning is a two way process, so Ron also enjoy being a student himself as he is a regular face in talks and seminars organized by Bar Council and Private Institutions to broaden his knowledge and then he will conduct internal training within the offices to ensure that everyone is in line and up to par with the Firm's strict standards. As a result, Ron is constantly featured on a lot of interviews and Property Column in numerous Country newspaper such as Sin Chew, New Straits Time and Property Investment and Expo in Malaysia.


Graduated from University of Malaya in 2001 with an honors degree in Law and commenced practice in 2003. The backbone of Roderick's work is Civil and Corporate Litigation. He has relentlessly advised and acted for Corporate clients in all matters concerning Corporate, Banking and Commercial Litigation matters, ranging from application for restraining order until the court sanction for the clients' restructuring scheme under s176 of the Companies Act 1965 to drafting contracts commercial agreements in relation to telecommunication industry. For Corporate Litigation matters, Roderick frequently advise and act for minority shareholders in their suit for oppression against the majority shareholders to advising our Corporate clients in regards to reducing the companys' share capital and share premium. He is also well adverse in Banking and Commercial Litigation hereby he has acted for Financial Institutions in hire-purchase matters, foreclosure winding-up matters, bankruptcy matters, performance bond and general loan recovery matters in court. He has also represented Housing Developers in legal suits involving late delivery claims by Purchasers.


Yu Jiin obtained her LLB in 2011 where she underwent her pupillage-in-chambers under the guidance of Mr Leong Yeng Kit of Messrs Leong Yeng Kit & Co. During her pupillage, Mr Leong imparted his Civil Litigation knowledge to her, consisting of preparation of cause papers, banking law, debt recovery, company windingup, family law among others. In between 2013 - 2017, Yu Jiin dwell not only in Litigation but she started her footsteps into the Conveyancing path by handling Sub-sale and Developers project matters. Her combined expertise in the field of Construction Law (litigation) and Sub-sale provides wonderful relief towards our clients as she is able to provide a sound and strong advice to our clients, especially those in the Development or Construction sector.


Jen was with Mesrs Lim, Soh & Goonting directly under Mr Soh Siew Chiang during her pupillage-inchambers Mr Soh have imparted abundant of his Conveyancing knowledge to Jen, whereby 6 years of experience in handling Conveyancing matters allows her to take on various complicated Conveyancing matters. Jen joined Messrs Ron Ong & Associates as a Partner from 2014 to 2015 and was directly involved with the management operations of the firm, until the merger in 2016. Apart from having hands-on managerial experience, she is no stranger to handling and providing her professional opinion in retain and corporate loan, be it a conventional or an Islamic financing matter. She also deals directly and provide advisory works to Developers in regards to their Joint Venture Agreement, Bridging Loan and all the Agreements involved in a Project Development. Currently, Jen also plays a managerial position apart from handling her own team whereby Jen focuses mostly on Corporate Loan with various Financial Institution.


Pei San obtained her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from the University of Reading, United Kingdom in 2017 and was called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn She was then admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. She specialised in the following scope during the period working in High Court of Malaya, she assisted in advising China company on the license and legal compliance for importing products into and selling in Malaysia; assisted in due diligence exercises in the highways and in the real estate sector, on the issuance of shares, acquisitions and disposals of properties and on the issuance of Islamic Commercial Papers and Islamic Medium-Term Notes via Tawarruq arrangement; assisted client on the online registration process with Bank Negara Malaysia on Foreign Exchange Administration; and advised financial institutions on conventional and Islamic banking and finance transactions including bilateral financing and project financing transactions. Her qualification includes Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from University of Reading, United Kingdom and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) from BPP University, United Kingdom.


Bryan has obtained his LLB in 2016 and CLP in 2018 where he underwent his Chambering in Messrs Ricky Tan & Co. which is focusing mainly on Litigation whereby Bryan has been through the while process for the Litigation in assisting Partner for drafting, preparation of document and Trial. Bryan has also obtained his Practicing Certificate with Messrs Ricky Tan & Co. who is continuing focusing on the litigation. Bryan has joined Messrs Kuek, Ong & Associates in 2020 which has provided the vast opportunities for him to involve in the Conveyancing, drafting of the agreement and handling the 7 developer project files. His combined expertise in the field of litigation and conveyancing where he is able to provide sound and advice to our clients, especially on the conveyancing.


Lim Wen Han has obtained his LLB from University of London (External) and completed his CLP in 2012. Thereafter, he underwent his chambering in Messrs Ho, Loke & Koh in 2012 where his main focus was on developer conveyancing files. He was then called to the Bar in 2013 and obtained his practicing certificate and continued practicing at Messrs Ho, Loke & Koh for six years, focusing primarily on conveyancing subsales, banking transactions, developer conveyancing files, drafting master agreements for residential, commercial and mixed development agreements, shopping mall tenancies and other miscellaneous conveyancing files. Wen Han has joined Messrs Kuek, Ong & Associates in 2020 which has provided Him an avenue to continue his main focus on conveyancing involving subsales and banking transactions.


SK has recently graduated from National University of Malaysia in 2018 but has already been exposed to Conveyancing, Corporate, Civil Litigation and even Intellectual Property works during her time in Messrs Teh Kim Teh, Salina & Co. She has been widely in charge of Developers' work with the Conveyancing department and helps out with due diligence and research for her Firm's Corporate partner. SK also dwell in the Intellectual Property field where she draft and prepare the legal documentations for the filing of Trademark for various company, within Malaysia or foreign countries based on the clients' needs and interest. For Civil Litigation, SK assisted the Litigation Department by conducting all the necessary researches delegated to her and compiling all the information needed by the Department.


Kelly graduated from Multimedia University in year 2015 with honours in law. She was called to the Bar and was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in May 2016. Her early legal career is in Kuala Lumpur where she gained her experience mostly in conveyancing matters and assisted the Managing Partner, Dato Lim Seng Chai in some corporate work while working in Messrs Gan & Zul. To further her knowledge in real estate, Kelly joined Messrs Ong & Partners where she specializes in conveyancing matters involving developer's projects, acquisition and disposal of commercial and residential properties and related banking matters. Currently she is leading project's team in Messrs Kuek, Ong & Associates (PJ).


William pursued his LLB in Aberystwyth University and graduated in July 2016. After completed his CLP in 2018, he commenced his pupillage under the guidance of Ms. Esther Ong and Mr. Etrus Tan of Messrs Esther Ong, Tengku Saiful & Sree where they imparted and trained him Civil Litigation, Conveyancing, and Intellectual Property knowledge, consisting of preparation of cause papers mainly in family law, debt recovery, and drafting agreements. In March 2020, William was admitted as an Advocates & Solicitors in the High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. He took a wild footstep by exploring fresh turf of Corporate in Translife Group Sdn. Bhd., handling the agreements vetting, interpretations of documents, and managing the online webinars with audience and speakers across the nations in Asia. These extraordinary experiences widen his scope of view and enhanced his extra skills particularly in public speaking to sharpen his liaising skill with clients. He realised he still has huge interest in the conveyancing field and hence, he joined Messrs Kuek, Ong & Associates in February 2021. He had conducted a Zoom webinar to the real estate agents and currently handling conventional and Islamic banking files comprehensive of HSBC Bank, Malayan Banking Berhad, Public Bank Berhad and CIMB Bank Berhad.